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Social Media Optimization Services (SMO)

When social networking sites such as Facebook were first introduced, most people viewed them as being solely for entertainment and personal communications. As a result, there were very few social media marketing consultants, and the business of offering social media optimization services really did not exist. Today social sites are no longer just recreational; in fact they represent significant business opportunities. Facebook, Twitter, and other social site campaigns have become focal points in the overall Internet marketing plans of many forward thinking companies.

Simply defined; social media optimization or SMO as it is commonly referred to is a method of using social media to promote your website or business. The viral nature of social media content is utilized to spread information about a business or website by communicating with interested or related parties across the Internet. The following are the two primary ways in which social media optimization services are implemented are through the use of social media features such RSS feeds; and by conducting promotional activities on the social media site itself.

Elite Web Group provides social media marketing consulting services in Orlando as part of a comprehensive Internet marketing program. Our expert team of social media marketing consultants will conduct a needs analysis of your company to determine the best strategies. Then, they will provide SMO solutions aimed at generating targeted traffic flow to your website. The Elite team of expert engineers will implement a thorough and extensive social media optimization of your website which will:

  • Identify and drive highly targeted traffic to your website
  • Promote and increase the visibility of your website
  • Improve the reputation and popularity of your company through your website
  • Provide visible branding and increased distribution for your products and services

Your complete Internet marketing program needs to include a well defined social media component. Call Elite Web Group now a complete Social Media Optimization firm at 800-720-3548 and find out how our Social Media Optimization services will help your company get more targeted visitors, higher traffic flow and a significant return on your marketing investment.

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